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Bullying in the Modern World... IS YOUR CHILD OR TEEN BEING BULLIED?

Bullying is a serious problem in our schools. It is estimated that 3 in 10 students face some form of bullying. 


Tiger-Rock Bully Know


Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Hutto is dedicated to preventing bullying in our community. We understand that for children to be successful, they must be safe, happy, and confident. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is ready to help you, your children, and our community live a healthy &  bully-free existence.


Tiger-Rock’s Bully Know program was developed to help children identify, prevent, and overcome bullying situations. We start by sharing the self-confidence, situational awareness, and critical thinking that our instructors have learned from their Taekwondo training. We use the Tiger-Rock Tenets (Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility, and Knowledge) to help students recognize and avoid bullying. Finally, we teach students self-defense techniques intended to dissipate conflict. Tiger-Rock’s Bully Know program is designed to enrich and empower students in their daily lives.


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Have you or your children been bullied recently? Give us a call we can help!!!


Who is Bullied?

  • Anyone can be bullied.

  • Sometimes, bullies pick on kids based on their uniqueness or diversity.

    But kids are often singled out for no particular reason.


Who Bullies?

  • Bullies tend to be the older children in the school. They usually bully students that are younger than them.

  • Boys are almost always bullied by other boys. 

  • Girls report being bullied by both boys and other girls.

  • Bullies are usually discreet, especially girl bullies. They play by the rules in front of teachers and authority figures but turn on other children when teachers aren’t present.

  • Bullies are often students who have a large group of friends. They are not often kids who are “loners”.

  • Bullies are often from families that don’t show much affection. Parents of bullies often don’t know where their children are throughout the day.

  • Bullies usually have less feelings of closeness to their siblings and family.


What are the different types of Bullying ?

  • Verbal

  • Physical

  • Situational

  • Cyber




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